Wedding Couture

Each year, dozens of brides and grooms (of all genders) come to Dark Garden for support on that special day. Whether it be a traditional, modern, or alternative wedding, Dark Garden has the expertise to create the wedding look of your dreams. Our corsets offer excellent support, sculpting the waist and hips while supporting your back and bust. They can be utilized in a variety of ways, all figure flattering and incredibly comfortable. To see some of our past bridal ensembles, go to our Bridal Gallery.

Fabulous foundations

Dark Garden corsets are a beautiful alternative to relentlessly sagging strapless bras and stretchy support garments that squeeze relentlessly with no finesse. Wedding lingerie can in fact be sexy and beautiful, as well as supportive for people of all shapes and sizes. Our standard fit corsets are a quick, simple, and elegant way to bring your look up a notch, while our bespoke fit corsets will fit like a second skin and truly express your personal style.

Extraordinary style

Some of our brides can’t bear to hide their corset under a gown and choose to wear it as the bodice of their bridal ensemble with a coordinating skirt. If you’re looking for the comfort and support of a corset and don’t want to stop there, schedule a consultation with a member of our design team and we’ll create the perfect look for you. Your ensemble can include as many or as few pieces as you require: corset, skirt, slacks, bolero, jacket, veil, even bejeweled stockings - Dark Garden can do it all.

Tailored looks

For a dash of dapper style, we can even create handsome corseted vests. A charming look on any gender, a tailored vest front with lapels overlays the front of the corset. A striking row of lacing finishes the back. Historically inspired themes may lend themselves to a complete look, such as a fully tailored Regency style suit. To add that finishing touch, we offer waistcoats, neck treatments and pocket squares for your attendants as well.


Although we have some oft requested styles, each design is created for the individual with uniqueness and personalized fit. We usually work in all silk with lining and fine finishing. Embellishments such as lace appliqué, sparkles, etc., can double or triple the cost of the garments. As each ensemble is unique, our price range varies widely, from about $2,000 to $20,000 and up. A budget can help guide design, materials, and construction choices. After meeting with your designer and making some choices, our Couture Coordinator will give you a detailed quote for the ensemble.

The creation process

The process begins with a mini consultation so we can pair you with the best designer for your vision. We have three Couture designers: Autumn Adamme (Dark Garden Proprietress & Lead Designer), Kalico Delafay (Designer of Dollymop), and Marianne Faulkner (Corsetrix of Pop Antique; Couture Coordinator). Each has their favored aesthetics, but are very versatile, and used to working closely with each client to meet their needs and style. You’ll share and discuss your ideas with your designer, who will refine them into a single cohesive look. Once a direction has been agreed upon, budgets are estimated, timelines are planned, and details begin to coalesce.

The creation process begins on simple paper, as an expert patternmaker exactingly cuts a new pattern to your measurements and create a fit prototype. Through a series a fittings in both muslin and luxurious final fabrics, adjustments will be made to ensure a perfect fit. During your fittings, you may find that your vision has refined or expanded! Your colors may evolve, new elements will be added, and embellishments will be refined. This is usually part of a Couture design collaboration and one of the joys of custom work. The process will end with a truly collaborative piece of wearable art.

We’ve heard hundreds of brides happily sigh, "It’s more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined!"

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Unless specifically noted, all photos courtesy of and copyrighted by Joel Aron Photography.