Dark Garden Corsetry

Since its inception in 1989, Dark Garden has established itself as one of the world's leading corsetiers, specializing in custom figure-shaping foundation garments. Each corset is designed to function as a corset should, without sacrificing comfort. Dark Garden's reputation for making structurally sound yet comfortable corsets has attracted the attention of celebrities and corset enthusiasts the world over.

Dark Garden corsets come in various ranges

Signature Collection

Dark Garden's Signature Collection corsets are pre-made corsets, whose patterns have been designed to accommodate a wide variety of body types and sizes. The measurements were developed over years of pattern adjustments and thousands of client measurements, rather than being developed on dress forms and patterning tables.

starting at $315.00
sizes: 18" - 38"
availability: 3-5 weeks


Corsets in our Risqué Collection are a unique combination of an alluring yet incredibly strong sheer nylon at the sides and back and opaque silk satin at the center front and back lacing area for a lightweight, ultra sexy corset, just right for the boudoir, under clothing, or to show off tattoos. Removable garters and a back panel are included. Easy to personalize, the sheer nylon is available in black and pale neutral, and can be combined with any of our silk satins and may be embellished with a contrasting or coordinating lace or black net overlay.

starting at $430.00
sizes: 18" - 38"
availability: 3-5 weeks


Designed by our associate designer, Kalico Delafay, this line is an extension of her personal style. Totally unique in the world of corsetry, Dollymops are contemporary, not informed by historical corsets at all. Often a combination of menswear styling and girlish frocks which are normally at odds with each other, Kalico blends her areas of inspiration with ease and always a sense of fun.

The style lines of the Dollymop silhouette are also unique. Diagonal seams create pleasing bust support which is accentuated by the gently scooped neckline. The Dollymop range is recommended for small to moderately full bustlines but also accommodates fuller bustlines beautifully. This style features slender rib shaping and a comfortable and graceful waist curve as well as longline hip shaping, which drops smoothly to tail-coat like points at the side back that are very nice for fuller hips. While most corsets focus on creating a lovely décolletage, the Dollymop range highlights and flatters the derrière.

starting at $365.00
sizes: 18" - 38"
availability: 3-5 weeks

Custom Corsets

For those wanting to maximize their corseted experience, Dark Garden's line of custom-tailored creations leave little to be desired. These corsets are patterned from your specific measurements to offer a garment that works with your body, giving it a shape both you and your body will be happy with. Those looking for maximum cinching, a custom corset will reduce the waist up to 4 inches more than the comparable ready-to-wear alternative.

Creating a custom corset is very sophisticated process which involves several steps. At Dark Garden, we begin the process with a series of measurements. From there, we draft an individual pattern. This pattern is then stitched into a functional muslin mockup, which is boned with spring steel and laces up the back, just like a finished corset.

For clients that can come into our atelier, we set up an appointment to assess the fit. For those clients that cannot make it to San Francisco, we mail the mockup and assess the fit either by setting up an appointment via Skype, or by having the client send photos of themselves wearing the mockup. Should any fit corrections need to be made, we would repeat the process with the appropriate alterations.

Once we have achieved the perfect fit, we begin the process of making the actual garment. Every corset is made in our atelier in San Francisco by our inhouse staff, and we guarantee both the fit and the construction of each corset we make.

Upon placing an online order for a custom corset, we take a $300.00 initial deposit to get started. From there, you will be contacted by a fitting specialist who will guide you through the process as your corset is designed, fitted, and produced.

starting at $895.00
sizes: 12" - 40"
availability: 6-12 weeks
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