Ready to Wear Corset Sizing

To determine the best size corset to order, please follow these guidelines.

We begin our measurements with the waist. The natural waist falls somewhere between the bottom of the ribcage and the navel. A popular method of determining the position of your waistline is to stand up straight and bend sideways. This forms a crease on your side at the point of your natural waistline. After marking this spot, stand up straight and use a measuring tape to get the circumference of waist, making sure that the tape is level. If you are having trouble determining your natural waistline, use your hands to find the point between your ribcage and navel that compresses the most. Measure from this point.

After measuring the waist, we move on to the hip measurement. Using a measuring tape, measure eight inches down from the point where you measured your waist. This is where we will measure your hips. Remember to keep the tape level. Also, when measuring, make sure that the tape is not so tight around the body that it compresses, but also not so loose that it sags.

If you find your new corset is not fitting as well as you’d like, please send it back to us within a week. If you are exchanging it, please send photos so we can help you find the best size.

Corset Sizing Chart

Natural Waist
Corset Size
22-25 28-30 18
24-27 30-34 20
26-29 32-36 22
28-31 34-39 24
30-33 37-42 26
32-35 40-46 28
34-38 43-48 30
36-40 46-51 32
38-42 49-54 34
40-44 52-57 36
42-46 55-59 38

Unless specifically noted, all photos courtesy of and copyrighted by Joel Aron Photography.