The Cupid is the underbust version of our best-selling Valentine corset. If your hourglass is more than half-full, then the Cupid is for you. For waist training or foundationwear, the Cupid is designed with our curviest clientele in mind. It has an additional pattern piece that can handle even the most dangerous curves. In sizes 28 and up, the Cupid has an even more pronounced hip spring that accommodates the extra compression that is possible in those sizes. As compared to the Cincher, you will find the Cupid to be even more supportive, having a bust-framing point at the center front and a slight high back to encourage smooth lines.


$365.00 USD


Ivory Silk Satin

Black Poplin -cotton/poly-
Black Brocade -silk/rayon-
Black Silk Satin
Ivory Silk Satin
Red Silk Satin
Ivory Poplin w/ Lace Overlay
Red Poplin w/ Lace Overlay
Black Leather


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