Autumn Adamme

Autumn founded Dark Garden in 1989, and still maintains an active role in designing and fitting. Autumn made her first corset in 1983, at the tender age of 12.


Kalico Delafay

Kalico originally joined the team in 2000, and is best known as the designer of our Dollymop line.

Marianne Faulkner

The skeleton key of Dark Garden, Marianne has done virtually every job since she joined us in 2008. She now coordinates our Couture department.

Penny McClish

Penny began stitching off-the-rack and client corsets for Dark Garden in 2010.


Jacqueline Galto

Since 2011, Jacqueline has shown she can stitch just about anything we can dream up. As Production Manager, she runs a tight ship with a light hand.


Elizabeth Jonas

Our newest team member, Elizabeth, is our lead fabric cutter as of 2016. She also stitches our Bespoke corset mockups.