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  • Care Guide for Corsets & Face Masks

    Care Guide for Corsets & Face Masks

    To keep your corset looking new, here are some corset care suggestions.

    Corset Care Guide

    We hope you enjoy your corset for many years to come. To keep your corset looking new, here are some corset care suggestions.

    After wearing, air out your corset and use a damp cloth to clean the lining. This will keep it smelling fresh and reduce the need for a costly cleaning. When possible, wear something underneath your corset: a thin camisole or t-shirt will keep perspiration away from your corset (and straps can be tucked inside!).

    NEVER remove your corset without first loosening the laces in the back, nor should you tie your laces around your waist. Either of these actions can result in a broken busk! We will not be responsible for busks or bones broken in this manner.

    A Note About the Corset Laces

    Many people find the laces' delicate look disconcerting at first. Rest assured, this polyester ribbon is VERY strong... after time it may wear out, but it is easily replaced with new ribbon which can be purchased at any fabric store, or you may send it to us to be re-laced for a nominal fee. We strongly discourage wearing the ends of your corset laces tied around your waist, as it causes wear on the fabric and can even snap the boning. Once again, we hope you enjoy your corset, and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!


    Fabric Corsets

    Fabric Corsets - Photo by Gina Barbara
    Photo © Gina Barbara

    DO NOT WASH YOUR CORSET - remember, your corset is made with steel boning; water will cause it to rust. If it needs cleaning, take it to a trusted dry cleaner, and if possible, have it dry cleaned by hand. In most cases letting your corset air out will do. Simply drape your corset over a hanger, or over the back of a chair, and let the fresh air in. Do try to avoid direct sunlight, as that will fade the color.

    Leather Corsets

    Leather Corsets - Photo by Max Johnson
    Photo © Max Johnson

    Treat your corset with a leather conditioner occasionally to keep it supple. After wearing, wipe your corset clean with a damp cloth.


    Face Mask Care

    A Note on Adjusting the Fit of Your Mask

    When you first put on your mask you will find three places that need personalization: the copper nose wire, the neck straps, and the Velcro back. If you feel pressure on your nose, you may want to loosen the neck straps.

    Washing & Cleaning Your Face Mask

    Depending on the amount of wear, you may be happiest giving your mask a daily spritzing with a 50/50 solution of vodka and water. This can be done also be done throughout the day to keep it fresh.

    When you wish to wash it, slip the copper nose wire out of the channel. Please hand wash with a gentle detergent. Remember this will be near your nose, so choose something you don’t mind the smell of. If you must machine wash, close the Velcro, place the mask in a mesh bag, and wash using your machine’s delicate cycle. Hang or lay flat to dry.

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