World-Renowned Custom Corsets Since 1989. Always handmade in the heart of San Francisco by expert corsetmakers.
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    Dark Garden Corsetry

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    1.1 Is wearing a corset uncomfortable? They look so tight, will I be able to breathe?

    Wearing a corset takes getting used to, but once you’ve adjusted to the fit, it will feel perfectly comfortable. Many of our clients wear corsets for medical reasons or because they provide more comfortable bust support than a bra!

    1.2 What makes a Dark Garden corset special?

    We’re a world leader in modern corsetry. Our styles are very anatomically informed, which makes them more comfortable and curvaceous. They suit your anatomy and only reduce where your body is most compressible, instead of squeezing all-over.

    1.3 How do I know what size and style will fit me?

    Browse our standard fit style guide to get a look at our silhouettes and what corsets we recommend for certain body attributes. You can also schedule a virtual or in-person fitting experience for free where one of our fitters will work with you to figure out what styles suit you best!

    Find our size guide here for information on how we measure and size our products.

    1.4 How does payment work?

    You can pay upfront for the full cost of your corset, or you can set up a recurring deposit plan with us.

    1.5 What should I wear with my corset?

    Anything you like, although we’ve curated our Signature Separates line and third-party boutique products to include items that go particularly well with our corsets.

    1.6 Can you alter my corset to fit me after weight gain or loss?

    In most cases, we are able to make alterations to our corsets to suit a changing body. Your corset should always fit your body — not the other way around. If you’re curious about what the process is like, we recommend watching this video by Bianca Hernandez about her experience having one of our custom pieces resized.

    1.7 How much do your corsets cost?

    The majority of our work is custom and all of it is made by hand in our San Francisco flagship, so prices vary a lot. They start at about $700 and go up to $2-3,000+ for made-to-order depending on style, fabrication, and personalizations. Bespoke pieces, tailored just for your body and fit through a series of prototypes, start at $4-5,000. For anything not off-the-rack, most clients choose to pay through a series of deposits. Price does not reflect quality: from the least to the most expensive corsets, all of our work is high quality and hand-made by our highly skilled employees.

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