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    Our Made to Order corsets can accommodate personalizations in fit as well as design! These are charged per change. Once we’ve created a Personalized Pattern for you, we keep it on file for future orders of the same style of corset.

    You’ll need an in-person or remote fitting with a size sample for us to measure and execute your personalized fit pattern.

    If the below options don’t suit your needs, or you need more than 3 adjustments, we recommend upgrading to full bespoke service.

    Gap Adjustment – to adjust the circumference proportions of the corset if the standard cut fits at the sides but the edges of the lacing gap are not parallel. In other words, making the corset bigger and/or smaller at the ribs, waist, and hips based on the measurements of a “laced to fit” gap.

    Height Adjustment – to raise or lower the top edge of the corset.

    Length Adjustment – to raise or lower the bottom edge of the corset.

    Pinch Adjustment – to take in the corset at the ribs and/or hips on the same seam on the side of the body. In other words, if the back is laced to fit but the corset is still flared away or feels loose on the sides.

    Angled Pinch Adjustment – like a dart within a single panel, arrowing from the middle of one panel towards the next seam forward.

    Bust Adjustment – a change to the shape or placement of the bust curve.

    Asymmetric Front – a correction to the front of the corset if the busk is askew

    Asymmetric Gap – a correction to the back of the corset if the lacing gap is asymmetric

    Asymmetric Pinch – any pinch or angled pinch that is not mirrored on left and right sides, including a pinch to one side only.

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