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  • Self-Lacing Instructions

    Self-Lacing Instructions

    If you are learning how to lace a corset, we recommend that you start here.

    How To Lace A Corset



    If you are learning how to lace a corset, we recommend that you start here.

    Tighten your corset gradually – pulling the laces until the corset is gently, comfortably snug. Let your body adjust to the corset, and in 15 minutes to half an hour, you’ll be able to tighten the corset further. By doing this gradually, you will be able to wear you corset for a longer period of time. If at any time you feel pain in your lower back, please loosen your laces immediately. Corset wearing is perfectly healthy, as long as it is done in moderation. Your body will tell you when enough is enough. Be sure to listen!

    1. Close the Busk

    First, loosen the laces so there is no struggle to close the corset front. Pull the corset around your body. Begin closing the busk (front closure) by hooking the second from the bottom button. Grasp the corset top. Gently bend the right side of the corset away from your body. Then, one by one, hook the clasps closed by pressing the loop side beyond and over the button. You may miss one or two clasps – don’t worry, just go back and do it up after you’ve closed more of the corset front. Sometimes a loop gets stuck under a button, making further progress impossible. Pull the loop to the side, away from the button, then over it.

    2. Position the Corset

    After all the corset clasps are closed, tug the corset down on your body, settling the corset waist at your natural waist, then begin tightening the laces.

    3. Locate the Pull

    Tabs You will find a “pull tab” at the waist of the corset. It is the only place where the ribbon runs vertically.

    4. Pull the Tabs

    Hook a finger into each of these loops and pull until the waist is comfortably snug and there is excess ribbon at the top and the bottom.

    5. Grab an “X”

    Grab an “X” (of ribbon) near the top, and pull it taut, then do the same to the next “X” in line, being careful not to get tangled in the previous “X”. Repeat until you reach the waist.

    6. Pull on the Waist Loop

    Pull on the waist loop until snug. The important thing to remember is that the top half of the corset ribbons are connected to the bottom half of the waist loop and visa versa. Repeat the same process, working the loose laces up from the bottom to the waist.

    7. Tie the Bow

    When the corset is comfortably snug, tie a bow and tuck the laces under the bottom edge of the corset.

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