World-Renowned Custom Corsets Since 1989. Always handmade in the heart of San Francisco by expert corsetmakers.
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    Corset Collections

    Shop our boutique, off-the-rack, and custom corset styles.

    Corset Best Sellers

    Best Sellers

    Our clients' favorite corsets in both standard and bespoke fits. These corsets showcase the range of our styles, with a little something for everyone.


    Standard Fit Corsets That Fit Like No Other

    Where Beauty & Comfort Converge

    Our standard fit corsets are based on decades of experience with custom work, and each one is expertly sewn on-site in our San Francisco flagship. We have fabrications for every aesthetic: our classic Signature Collection, the nude-to-you Naturals line, glamorous Risqué mesh corsets, masculine Tailored Cinchers, and charming Dollymops are all available in standard fit sizes 18-38"+. Our small batch corsets are made for all genders, sizes, and shapes. If you’re looking for a slightly more custom corset, we also offer fit personalizations and custom fabrics for these same silhouettes.

    Standard Fit Corsets


    Bespoke Fit Corsets

    Bespoke Corsets Uniquely Fit Just for You

    With every single detail custom made for you, there's nothing like a bespoke corset from Dark Garden

    The Bespoke experience provides you with the most unique handmade corset you could get your hands on. Each piece is completely custom, down to the shape and angle of every seam and style line. All creation and fittings take place in-house, ensuring the highest standards of quality.


    Limited Edition Corsets

    Rare and one-of-a-kind corset combinations

    Our Limited Edition corsets pair our standard fit corset styles with small run fabrications and new pairings of those from our Signature Collection. Each one is ready to ship – but act quickly, as many of these styles can’t be recreated!

    Limited Edition Corsets


    Underbusts Corsets

    Versatile Underbust Corsets

    Beautiful silhouettes for waist shaping, in both standard and bespoke fit

    Underbust corsets shape the waist while leaving the bust free. These styles are often more comfortable and versatile for day-to-day wear, and are typically preferred for waist training.


    Overbust Corsets for Every Bust Size

    Waist-shaping and bust support combined in beautiful styles for all sizes & genders

    Overbust corsets are often more comfortable and supportive than a bra. They support even the fullest busts by leveraging the waist reduction to create an anchor. For smaller bustlines, cleavage enhancement can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish.

    Overbust Corsets


    Signature Corset Collection

    Signature Collection Corsets: Timeless Fabrications Meet Standard Fit

    The only standard fit corset line designed from an average of thousands of real corset-wearers

    We've spent the last two decades collecting data from our bespoke pieces to create comfortable, well-designed, standard fit corsets that support and enhance virtually any figure. Our Signature Collection is comprised of beautiful, versatile, and timeless fabrics in these classic silhouettes.


    Risqué Mesh Corsets

    Our Risqué corsets are sheer sexiness...

    Combining our beautiful luminescent silk satin with a sturdy nylon mesh, we've created an elegant and sturdy sheer corset. Our Risqué corsets do not stretch at the waist, which makes them suitable for waist trainers, when paired with other corsets in rotation. For boudoir, bridal, burlesque, and even business, the Risqué is an excellent foundation or focal point.

    Risqué Corset Collection


    Naturals Corset Collection

    Naturals Collection

    It's natural to love these flattering fabrics

    Our Naturals Collection fabrics were carefully curated to complement a range of skin tones – you'll find not just light and dark, but also warm and cool undertones in these gorgeous silk satins. Create your perfect foundation corset: four silhouettes are available in eight colors and four different constructions. Will you choose our best-selling Risqué, now available with buttercream, faun, and chocolate mesh? How about subtle Invisible construction, for a buttery smooth exterior?


    Dollymop Collection: Only at Dark Garden

    Kalico Delafay's original corset design is a fan favorite with its tailed silhouette and incredible detailing

    The Dollymop line is characterized by its unique take on a longline hip, with pointed tails over the rear. The overbust features a delicately scooped neckline, flattering on virtually every bust. In Signature fabrications, the focus is all on the silhouette, while Kalico's unique special editions combine striking fabric pairings and well-placed accents for an amazing effect.

    Dollymop Corset Collection


    Classic Overbusts

    Classic Bespoke Fit Overbusts

    A beautiful range of Bespoke fit overbust corsets

    Bespoke overbusts to fit and flatter any bustline and aesthetic, wonderful for foundation or eveningwear.


    Classic Bespoke Fit Underbusts

    A bespoke underbust for every body...

    Bespoke fit underbust corsets maximize waist shaping while leaving the bust free. Our favorite and most versatile underbusts are shown below.

    Underbusts Corset


    High-Back Corsets

    High-Back Corsets

    These styles are stunners for any gender, offering amazing support and shaping with a beautiful silhouette. Boning and laces extend all the way up the back to the nape of the neck.


    Tailored Vest-Style Corsets

    Our tailored styles are the perfect choice for modern dandies

    Underbust and overbusts for fierce femmes and dapper dandies can be found here. We've merged impeccable custom corsetry with fine custom tailoring to create these styles. These dual purpose garments also deliver twice the impact—a sure hit.

    Tailored Vest-Style Corsets


    Historically Inspired Corsets

    Historically Inspired Corsets

    Timeless style for modern bodies

    Our repertoire wouldn't be complete without fresh takes on historically-inspired styles. Our world-famous bespoke fit merges iconic Victorian waist shaping with back support and comfortable hourglass rib shaping suitable to 21st century lifestyles. These styles, evocative of other eras and epochs, can be designed into Couture ensembles for a period-accurate effect or paired with contemporary clothing for a modern reinterpretation of the look.


    Fantasy Corsets

    Be the belle of the fetish ball or your own boudoir.

    You'll take their breath away while sitting pretty in our beautiful fantasy styles. Will you choose satin, lace, or leather?

    Tailored Vest-Style Corsets


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