World-Renowned Custom Corsets Since 1989. Always handmade in the heart of San Francisco by expert corsetmakers.
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    Beautiful corsets for all genders, sizes, and shapes!

    • Corset Collections

      Corset Collections

      Shop our boutique, off-the-rack, and custom corset styles.

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    • Custom Corsets

      Custom Corsets

      Custom corsets are now available either as made-to-measure (based on the standard fit line), or fully bespoke with the aid of multiple fit prototypes.

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    • Standard Fit: Made To Order

      Standard Fit: Made To Order

      Each order will be custom made just for you! Our standard fit corsets are based on decades of experience with custom work, and each one is expertly sewn on-site in our San Francisco flagship. Our current turnaround time is approximately 2.5 months.

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    • Standard Fit: In Stock

      Standard Fit: In Stock

      Shop from our boutique floor stock! See what sizes and styles we have on-hand, for immediate shipment. If you don't see what you like, check our our Standard Fit: Made To Order section.

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    • Bespoke Fit

      Bespoke Fit

      With every single detail custom made for you, there's nothing like a bespoke corset from Dark Garden.

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    • Underbusts


      Underbust corsets shape the waist while leaving the bust free.

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    • Overbusts


      Overbust corsets are often more comfortable and supportive than a bra.

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    • Medical Corsetry

      Medical Corsetry

      Medical corsets provide support & pain relief in style.

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    • Waist Training Corsets

      Waist Training Corsets

      As leaders of the modern corsetry movement since 1989, we’ve made many corsets for waist training and tightlacing over the years.

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    • Custom Fabrics

      Custom Fabrics

      Beautiful high-quality fabrics.

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    • Self-Lacing Instructions

      Self-Lacing Instructions

      If you are learning how to lace a corset, we recommend that you start here.

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    • Style Guide

      Style Guide

      You’ll love our standard fit corsets. They fit like no other, because they are based on decades of experience with custom work for people like you!

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