World-Renowned Custom Corsets Since 1989. Always handmade in the heart of San Francisco by expert corsetmakers.
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    The most experienced name in modern corsetry, Dark Garden has been handcrafting world class corsets in San Francisco since 1989.

    • Couture Lookbooks

      Couture Lookbooks

      We make dozens of custom looks and pieces every year, each one unique in design, fabric, and fit. Dark Garden creates Couture styles for every size, age, gender, and aesthetic.

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    • Occasions & Inclusivity

      Occasions & Inclusivity

      From the red carpets of Hollywood, to Burning Man, to Venice’s famous Carnevale, the Dark Garden label has been worn by a diverse array of fascinating lovers of beauty. Photo © Jeremy Lala

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    • Couture Process

      Couture Process

      We'll work closely with you through a series of appointments, starting with a consultation and a sketch.

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    • Couture Investment

      Couture Investment

      Each ensemble we create is as unique as the individual who'll wear it.

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    • Designers


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    • Book Consultation

      Book Consultation

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