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    Medical Corsetry

    Medical corsets provide support & pain relief in style.

    The support of a good corset can really help relieve a myriad of chronic or cyclical/hormonal pains. We would love to talk to you (and can partner with your physician) about orthopedic custom corsetry, as well as posture harnesses and other support garments to help make you or someone you love physically more comfortable, and therefore happier and more confident.

    Many clients come to us looking to graduate from commercial braces which tend to be thick, hot, and devoid of fit. Luckily, a medical corset can very well replace a clunky back brace, providing a sleek, fitted, and above all comfortable alternative.

    Please note that we are not physicians and that the information on this page is not intended in any way to replace the consult of a trained healthcare professional. Talk to your doctor if you think medical corsetry might be right for you.

    Corsets for Good Posture

    The Tailored Cincher with detachable Braces

    Embrace Good Posture

    We've worked with many clients who deal with chronic back pain, scoliosis, EDS, POTS, and diastasis recti, among others. Any corset will help improve your posture through your mid and lower back, which creates a strong foundation for remembering to carry that good posture through your neck and shoulders. If you're going bespoke, we can include longline shaping (at no additional cost) to support your sacrum and more of your hip line. The most important thing is finding a good fit so that the support of the corset is evenly distributed.


    Corset Clincher

    from $745.00

    Tailored Cincher

    Tailored Cincher
    from $745.00

    Underbust Victorian

    Underbust Victorian
    from $3,750.00

    Top-Notch Support Corsets

    For those whose pain issues are exacerbated by irregular posture, we often recommend a corset with a high back and over-the-shoulder or crossed-back straps. This brings both support and body awareness higher up into the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle, encouraging spinal support all the way through the cervical vertebrae without touching them directly.

    If fully bespoke (our top of the line custom fit service) is within your budget, our most popular style is the Pointed Victorian with Straps (or its variant, the Cross-Back Pointed Victorian). In the ready to wear line, our bestselling Cupid has the highest back of all our underbust styles, and supports more of the thoracic spine. We also offer an overbust standard fit style with shoulder straps: the Alexandra.

    Pointed Victorian with Straps Corset

    Pointed Victorian with Straps

    Cupid Corset

    from $895.00

    Alexandra Corset

    from $1,845.00


    Longline corsets, which offer more coverage for the side and back hip, are popular for those who seek more stability through their pelvis and sacrum. Off-the-rack, we offer our Dollymop Underbust which can provide more stability through your lumbar and hips; the bespoke option is the Underbust Edwardian.


    Dollymop Underbust Corset

    Dollymop Underbust
    from $895.00

    Underbust Edwardian Corset

    Underbust Edwardian

    Adjustable Fit Corsets

    Adjustable Fit for Various Needs

    As for closures, our corsets lace up the back with a separating closure (the hardware with the hooks, called a busk) in the front. The laces are for adjusting the fit, which you'll do every time you put it on/take it off, while the busk is to make it easier to put on – like putting on a cardigan versus a turtleneck sweater, it's easier if you have an opening in the front. As an add-on for bespoke corsets, we can attach the back lacing to a belt to create “fan lacing,” which is helpful if you have limited strength and/or range of motion for self-lacing. We recommend fan lacing for light to moderate reduction, as it is less supportive than standard lacing for higher reductions.

    Posture Correctors

    Alternatively, we can create a posture harness to complement or stand alone from a corset. Our posture harnesses are fan-laced and fasten in the front with a single, simple front buckle. Padded straps guide the shoulders back and down, opening out the collarbones and pectoral muscles. Like a corset, the posture harness is as stylish and aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

    Are you interested in orthopedic corsetry or support garments?

    If you or someone you know is interested in orthopedic corsetry or support garments, book a consultation with Autumn, our founder and master fitter, virtually or in-person at In your consultation, you can ask any questions you might have about how corsets can benefit you and how we've worked with and around other medical needs and sensitivities in the past. Autumn may ask you things like: where do you want support from the corset, what sorts of things have helped or exacerbated your issues in the past, how often do you plan to wear the corset, and so forth. She can talk to you about which styles from our standard fit and bespoke lines may work best for your needs.


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