World-Renowned Custom Corsets Since 1989. Always handmade in the heart of San Francisco by expert corsetmakers.
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  • Boutique Locations

    Boutique Locations

    Shop in-store at our gorgeous San Francisco or New Orleans boutiques!

    • San Francisco Flagship Boutique

      San Francisco Flagship Boutique

      Dark Garden with Revelation in Fit

      Business Hours:
      Sunday: 11am to 5pm
      Monday: 11am to 5pm
      Tuesday: CLOSED
      Wednesday: 11am to 5pm
      Thursday: 11am to 5pm
      Friday: 11am to 6pm
      Saturday: 10am to 6pm

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    • New Orleans Boutique

      New Orleans Boutique

      Business Hours:
      Sunday: 12pm-4pm
      Monday: 11am-5pm
      Tuesday: CLOSED
      Wednesday: CLOSED
      Thursday: 11am-5pm
      Friday: 11am-6pm
      Saturday: 11am-6pm

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    Walk-ins are welcomed at both locations! Please note that business hours may vary somewhat from week-to-week for the duration of the pandemic, as we are working with a reduced team at this time. You can call either shop at the numbers listed above to confirm staffing.

    Use the booking link below to set up a ready to wear fitting, custom corset consultation, designer appointment, or even a video fitting.

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