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    Ensemble Rental

    Have you ever wished you could wear one of our couture ensembles or fabulous corsets for a day? By renting from our archives, you can!

    We’d love to help you find a gorgeous corset or ensemble to rent! Schedule a consultation with us, then try on options to find the best fit for your body and event.

    A majority of our items are kept at our Hayes Valley boutique, and our boutique in New Orleans also has their own miniature archive. These contain standalone corsets and ensembles as well as those designed for our couture collections. We can’t guarantee that specific colors or silhouettes will be available in your size. We recommend arranging your fitting as early as possible so that we can ensure you get first pick of the options, leaving you time to find all the right shoes and accessories to match.

    Know exactly what you want? A rental may not be the solution for you. Consider placing an order for the corset or garment you want. Email [email protected] to start the conversation. Rush turnarounds may also be available for an additional fee.


    Sudan Archives wears a Pointed Victorian with Highback and Straps. Photo: Julia Drummond.



    Terms and Pricing

    Clients are required to sign a rental agreement form before renting any item. Damaged items are subject to rental fees, repair fees, or purchase costs. Additionally, all items may incur a dry cleaning fee. Failure to return garment(s) will result in a charge for the full value of the garment(s). Late returns of corsets or ensembles will result in a fee of $500 per day. Dark Garden products are crafted with the utmost care, artistry, and precision, and are priced accordingly. Listed below are the daily fees for the different rental items available:

    • Corsets: $150-$175
    • Ensembles: $350
    • Collection Ensembles: $425
    • Millinery & Accessories: $50

    Please note that stock inventory is not available for rentals.


    If you are interested in renting our corsets and garments, please contact our San Francisco boutique staff at 415-431-7684. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected], and we will respond within 1-2 business days. Clients are required to sign a rental agreement form at the time of renting. This agreement will include the client's name, event details, rental duration, and credit card information to cover any potential fees.

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