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    Romantic and soft, but never weak, eveningwear for everyone's inner goddess. Photos by Gina Barbara.

    Once upon a time, there was a kingdom, covered with clouds & crowned with stars. Once a year on the Feast of the Goddess, the Regent invited everyone in their land for a celebratory ball. After all, what good is a palace if you're not going to throw a party?

    People came from across the realm to celebrate & the guests brought gifts to see who could bring the goddess to life...

    The Glossimer collection celebrates romance and the power of softness. Multilayered ensembles echo the way that the victories and wounds of the past layer onto each other, forming the story of a single life.


    Browse the looks below, and when you're ready to tell your story in couture, consult with a designer. Click on an individual look to see more details and baseline pricing.










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