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    Couture Investment

    Each ensemble we create is as unique as the individual who'll wear it.

    Each ensemble we create is as unique as the individual who'll wear it. As a result, our price range varies widely, from about $3,000 to $20,000 and up, with a median ensemble price of $8-9,000. Your budget can help guide design choices. After your design consultation, we'll give you a detailed quote for the ensemble.

    All the elements for an ensemble as unique as you

    Each Couture garment follows the same exacting process as our Bespoke fit corsets: a unique pattern and as many prototypes and fittings as necessary. Designs often evolve throughout this process, for an even more beautiful and unique finished garment. A Couture piece is an investment in the process as well as the end result. Most custom pieces are priced in line with our bespoke corsets, with starting prices of $2000+. Standalone accessories or accessory sets begin at $1000.

    Boleros, Wraps, and Sleeves

    Looking for a bit of coverage on your arms and shoulders? We have several options that may work for you. The simplest choice is to add a soft drape or classic soft wrap ($300-$500+) to a strapless corset. Sleeves ($600+), attached to one of our strapped or high-back corset styles, provide more coverage for a sleeker, tailored look. Boleros and short jackets ($2500-$6000+) are also popular for all-weather occasions.


    A corset is the foundation of many a Dark Garden ensemble (no pun intended). Whether worn as an undergarment or flaunted as separates, our corsets are as comfortable as they are supportive. The design possibilities are many and varied – a silhouette for every body type, every aesthetic.

    We have both Standard Fit ($700-$3,000) and Bespoke corsets ($3,750-$10,000). Customizations to the Standard Fit line are available in the form of Personalized Fit and Personalized Design upgrades.

    Skirts & Bottoms

    From a simple leather mini skirt to fitted slacks or even a multi-layer confectionary draped ball skirt, we've done it all. We typically work in fully lined silk or wool, supporting skirts with the appropriate petticoats. Most simple bottoms start at $2,500, with more complex skirts (multiple layers, trains, draped elements) going up to $6,000+.


    Most of our ensembles feature a two-part gown: a corset, with a matching skirt. This is the best approach, particularly for strapless gowns. In some cases, though, nothing but a one-piece dress will do. We'll design a dress that fits either over a corset or without one. Simple gowns start at $5,000. As with skirts, additional layers, draping, trains, and so forth will add to the price.


    We have many gorgeous embellishment options for corsets and garments! The simplest option is a classic lace overlay on a corset, either with bone casings ($350) or without ($495). Other options, such as draped details, lace appliqué, and rhinestones are entirely done by hand and can double or triple the cost of the garments. Add an additional $150+ for removable elements, including modular or detachable pieces, attached via snaps or hooks.


    We also create menswear and menswear-inspired looks for all genders! Coats, vests, and of course, our famous tailored corsets, including the Edward, Dietrich, and Beau Brummell. Fine wools and beautifully finished details combine in unique combinations culminate in dapper looks for everyone. Shirts and vests from $2,500; coats and jackets from $5,000.


    Design Team

    Dollymop for Dark Garden

    Dollymop for Dark GardenDollymop for Dark Garden Couture Ensemble | Photo © Loic Nicolas


    Autumn Adamme

    Autumn Adamme Couture Ensemble by Autumn Adamme | Photo © Loic Nicolas


    Pop Antique for Dark Garden

    Pop Antique for Dark GardenPop Antique for Dark Garden Couture Ensembles | Photo © Loic Nicolas



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