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    Meet Our Designers

    Kalico Delafay

    Kalico Delafay

    Dollymop for Dark Garden

    Kalico Delafay is a Dark Garden veteran, and designer of our Dollymop line since 2009. Kalico's sculptural looks utilize a strong sense of color and texture matching to create an artful mélange in each ensemble. Dark Garden devotees will recognize her hand in our fashion show direction since 2010.
    Autumn Adamme

    Autumn Adamme

    Miss Dark Garden

    Dark Garden's proprietress and lead designer is Autumn Adamme. No one has more experience fitting corsets than Miss Dark Garden, nor more experience in designing beautiful corseted ensembles for every body. Autumn creates polished, textural looks, with a focus on historical inspirations.
    Marianne Faulkner

    Marianne Faulkner

    Pop Antique for Dark Garden

    Marianne Faulkner is Dark Garden's second Associate Designer. Her designs are silhouette-focused, with clean lines, bright pops of color or dapper tailored details, often with mid-century inspiration.


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