Couture & Bridal

Since 1989, we’ve worked with our clients to create one-of-a-kind ensembles. Whether you're seeking wedding couture or simply a statement piece for your rock-star life, we'd love to work with you on a custom look. Starting with our signature foundation garments, one of our designers will create a singularly stunning outfit which reflects your personal style and taste.


For any occasion

Over the years, Dark Garden has created outfits for a wide variety of occasions. From the red carpets of Hollywood to Burning Man to Venice’s famous Carnevale, the Dark Garden label has been worn by a diverse array of fascinating lovers of beauty. Our designers keep up with modern trends as well as being acknowledged experts in historical period fashions, so appropriate attire can be created for any affair. Each designer has their favored aesthetics, but are very versatile, and used to working closely with each client to meet their needs and style.
Ensemble designed by Kalico Delafay

Development & Design

The process begins with a mini consultation so we can pair you with the best designer for your vision. We have three Couture designers: Autumn Adamme (Dark Garden Proprietress & Lead Designer), Kalico Delafay (Designer of Dollymop), and Marianne Faulkner (Corsetrix of Pop Antique; Couture Coordinator). You’ll share and discuss your ideas with your designer, who will refine them into a single cohesive look. Throughout your fittings, you may find your vision refined or expanded upon! The process will end with a truly collaborative piece of wearable art.
Ensemble designed by Autumn Adamme



Although we have some oft requested styles, each design is created for the individual with distinctive style and personalized fit. As each ensemble is unique, our price range varies widely, from about $2,000 to $20,000 and up. We usually work in all silk with lining and fine finishing. Embellishments such as lace appliqué, sparkles, etc., can double or triple the cost of the garments. A budget can help guide design, materials, and construction choices. After meeting with your designer and making some choices, our Couture Coordinator will give you a detailed quote for the ensemble.
Ensemble designed by Marianne Faulkner


We’re a five star business on Yelp and Wedding Wire. Each year, we connect with dozens of Couture clients. Learn how our custom ensembles can transform your wedding dress shopping experience so you can feel like your best self.


Meet Our Designers

Kalico Delafay, Autumn Adamme, & Marianne Faulkner

Kalico Delafay, Autumn Adamme, & Marianne Faulkner

Dark Garden Pride-0746.jpg

Kalico Delafay

Dollymop for Dark Garden

Kalico Delafay is a Dark Garden veteran, and designer of our Dollymop line since 2009. Kalico's sculptural looks utilize a strong sense of color and texture matching to create an artful mélange in each ensemble. Dark Garden devotees will recognize her hand in our fashion show direction since 2010.


Autumn Adamme

Miss Dark Garden

Dark Garden's proprietress and lead designer is Autumn Adamme. No one has more experience fitting corsets than Miss Dark Garden, nor more experience in designing beautiful corseted ensembles for every body. Autumn creates polished, textural looks, with a focus on historical inspirations.


Marianne Faulkner

Pop Antique for Dark Garden

Marianne Faulkner is Dark Garden's second Associate Designer, and our Couture Coordinator. She oversees every custom ensemble we create. Those she designs herself are silhouette-focused, with clean lines, bright pops of color or dapper tailored details, often with mid-century inspiration.


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