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  • Signature Cincher [Made To Order]

    Signature Cincher [Made To Order]

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    Everyone needs a simple waist cincher to pull any outfit together or waistline in. Versatile and comfortable for moderate waist reduction, this corset fits from just under the bust to just past the hipbones. It smoothes the waist and shapes the hips. This little corset is perfect to wear under an outfit that needs a little more shape and is a delightfully sexy surprise worn with a pretty bra and stockings - much more enticing than those spandex body shapers!

    This style is also available in Signature Risqué, Naturals, and Naturals Signature Risqué fabrications.

    In-stock standard fit corsets will be shipped on the next business day after your order is placed. If your desired corset is not in-stock, we will notify you, and your corset will be Made to Order. To personalize the fabrication or details on a made-to-order corset, email us!

    Based on current demand, the turnaround for Made to Order corsets without personalization is up to 6 weeks, or 8 weeks for leather corsets, Invisibles construction and Personalized Design. Estimated turnarounds do not include shipping time.

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    Reviews 5 stars based on 2 reviews Add your review (subject to approval)

    5 stars based on 2 reviews Add your review (subject to approval)

    Most recent reviews

    • 5 / 5 Anna Wolff, DO 14-12-2022 04:47

      I reached out to Dark Garden for a medically supportive corset in 2021 to address ongoing issues with back pain, trusting both my experience as a medical provider and a previous owner of a Dark Garden corset that was “ready-to-wear”. I am as always impressed with Autumn’s attention to detail as she helped me decide which style would best serve my specific needs. We tried a number of styles, and her experience with other customers who had conditions I shared made the process go very smoothly which helped me select the Cincher. I had one additional fitting which proved to be very important and accommodated the curve in my spine which had in the past made off-the-shelf corsets uncomfortable after a few hours. The final product has proved to be helpful to my back pain and also another medical condition of mine! I have found that the corset makes it possible for me to be up and about comfortably longer than I could do otherwise, and continues to be an aid to relieve low back pain in certain situations. I deeply appreciate Autumn and her team for their quality and attention to detail.

    • 5 / 5 Corey 06-12-2022 21:48

      I have been buying and wearing Dark Garden corsets since 2004. I LOVE them. They are quality, they are comfortable and they are beautiful. This one though is my favorite. In my opinion it is the most versatile. You can wear it under clothing with a modern or vintage bra, or you can wear it over clothing as a shaper and accent piece. I have several in different fabrics. When I ended up needing a wheelchair slight adjustments were made to my new ones being made so that they would be more comfortable in the chair. I have weak muscles and orthostatic intolerance (my heart doesn't work well enough to properly circulate my blood and I get dizzy standing). I was able to get a prescription from my doctor for this corset as a means of keeping blood up by my head and supporting my muscles so I could more easily sit upright. Wearing them has helped me be out in the world more and I am so grateful.

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