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  • Bespoke Underbust Victorian (Satin or Brocade)

    Bespoke Underbust Victorian (Satin or Brocade)

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    The Underbust Victorian is our most popular bespoke underbust corset. It is ideal for comfortable yet dramatic waist reduction. Bespoke fit in 12 panels, this style is just as versatile as its little sister the Cincher, and is more comfortable for people with fuller hips or more prominent ribs. It is also the perfect corset for waist trainers who have graduated from their standard fit Cincher or Cupid. Based on corsets from about 1890, the Underbust Victorian corset extends from just below the bust over the hips.

    Upon placing an online order for a custom corset, we take a deposit of at least $500.00 to get started. Deposits can be placed through this page if you do not wish to pay in full at this time. From there, you will be contacted by a fitting specialist who will guide you through the process as your corset is designed, fitted, and produced.

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