Standard Fit

Our Signature Collection includes 11 corset styles, each available in 11 sizes from 18 to 39". These are the only corsets in the world developed from decades of experience with custom corsets for all genders. We've curated timeless fabrics from cotton to silk to leather for the Signature line.



For those seeking a bit of personalization to the fit or fabrication of their corset, we offer made-to-order service based on our standard fit line. Custom fabrics, unique detailing, and fit adjustments are all accommodated. Email to discuss personalization options.

IMG_5541 Dark Garden Underbust Victorian Autumn Adamme Chris Gaede.jpg


A bespoke corset is uniquely fit just for you, down to the shape and angle of each seam and style line. We test the fit through multiple prototypes – a vital step in the process. All creation takes place in-house, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Masters of fit, we are also adept at remote fittings.



Our Couture department creates fine custom made ensembles for all occasions. Starting with our signature foundation garments, one of our designers will create a singularly stunning outfit which reflects your personal style and taste.