Dark Garden Bridal

Each year, hundreds of brides come to Dark Garden to make their special day that much more so. Whether it be a traditional, modern, or alternative wedding, Dark Garden has the expertise to make your dress the one you’ve always wanted it to be. Our corsets offer excellent figure support, smoothing waistline and hips while lifting the bosom. They can be utilized in a variety of ways, all figure flattering and incredibly comfortable. To see a gallery featuring some of our past bridal ensembles, go to our Bridal Gallery.

Just the corset...

Dark Garden corsets are a beautiful alternative to strapless bras and decidedly unattractive stretchy support garments. Wedding lingerie can in fact be sexy and beautiful, as well as supportive for people of all shapes and sizes. Some of our brides can’t bear to hide their corset under a gown and choose to wear it as the bodice of their bridal ensemble with a coordinating skirt. Our ready-to-wear corsets are a quick, simple, and elegant way to express your individuality, while our custom made corsets will truly express your personal style.

Corset and a little more...

If you’re looking for the comfort and support of a corset and don’t want to stop there, we’ll happily assist you in deciding on style and fabric for an ensemble that includes as many or as few pieces as you require. Corset, skirt, bolero, jacket, shrug, sleeves, veil, headpiece, even gloves - Dark Garden can do it all. We offer waistcoats, neck treatments and pocket squares for the groom’s party as well.

The full dress.

The process begins with design consultations where ideas are shared and discussed. Once a direction has been agreed upon, budgets are estimated, timelines are planned, and designs are solidified. During the development process we work with you to create a garment that is 100% you. Measurements are taken, prototypes created and as many as 5 fittings take place to insure the most flattering and comfortable garment is created, all while fulfilling your vision of your ideal wedding gown. We’ve heard hundreds of brides happily sigh, "It’s more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined!"


Past bridal ensembles can be found in our Bridal Gallery.
Inqueries can be emailed to bridal@darkgarden.com

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