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  • Bespoke Royal Alexandra (Satin or Brocade)

    Bespoke Royal Alexandra (Satin or Brocade)

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    A beautiful historically-inspired overbust with straps, the Alexandra combines a flat-front with Victorian hip shaping. Its curving seams draw the eye, while color-blocked gussets and straps add interest. In satin or leather, it is a timeless classic. Add our "triple lacing" detail down the front seams for a bold touch.

    Upon placing an online order for a custom corset, we take a deposit of at least $500.00 to get started. Deposits can be placed through this page if you do not wish to pay in full at this time. From there, you will be contacted by a fitting specialist who will guide you through the process as your corset is designed, fitted, and produced.

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