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  • A Fantastic Write-up in Barrons!

    Dark Garden - 18 / Jul / 2020

    A Fantastic Write-up in Barrons!

    Corsets and masks are very different garments, but Dark Garden has managed to marry them while dealing with one of the darkest periods in the shop’s long life.

    As the impact of COVID-19 radiated across the world, we saw a chance to help in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus while keeping our team employed. Our latest innovation, The Mask, brings to face masks the all-day comfort, breathability, and style that you would expect from Dark Garden.

    Barron’s wrote a lovely article on how Autumn, our Founder, and the team at Dark Garden pivoted from corset making to mask making. We are incredibly lucky to have such amazing patrons (both our corset and ensemble clients, and our Patreon community). Thank you so much for adapting with us and keeping artistry alive.

    Read the article @Barrons.

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