Dollymop Underbust

An underbust version of the original Dollymop style, this corset features slender rib shaping and a comfortable and graceful waist curve as well as longline hip shaping, which drops smoothly to tail-coat like points at the side back. These points are very nice for fuller hips and the diagonal seam lines in the front as well as the unique geometric line at the center bottom make this a distinctive corset, one of just a few not informed by any historical style.

Because of the eye catching details most people enjoy the outerwear fabrics designer Kalico Delafey has chosen for the Dollymop family as these corsets are just too delightful to hide from view.

Along with the fabrics and styles offered online, we are delighted to work with clients who are looking for something a little different. Please contact online-sales@darkgarden.comfor design assistance.


$365.00 USD


Ivory Silk Satin

Black Poplin -cotton/poly-
Black Brocade -silk/rayon-
Black Leather
Brown Leather


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