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  • Shop the Collection: Glossimer

    Shop the Collection: Glossimer

    Love the Glossimer collection, and want it as soon as possible? We've curated a selection of standard fit styles that evoke the shimmery glamour of couture with the faster turnarounds and pricing of ready-to-wear.

    We've selected three limited edition Signature Separates fabrications that complement Glossimer: metallic stretch velvets in Blush, Navy, and Gold. The Rosalind gown, the Sophia dress, and the Madame X skirt can be made in any of these fabrics (while supplies last)!

    If you're having a Signature Separate made, we recommend a corset in a matching satin: Blush Velvet with Pink Champage Satin, Navy Velvet with Navy Satin, and Gold Velvet with Honey Satin.

    The Rosalind in Blush metallic stretch velvet


    The Sophia in Navy metallic stretch velvet


    The Madame X skirt in Gold metallic stretch velvet, paired with a Naturals Valentine in Honey satin


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