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    The Mask Bundle

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    The mask worthy of the Dark Garden name, and worthy of protecting you. Developed with comfort, safety, fit, and longevity in mind – just as you've come to expect from us!

    This gift set is valued at $125, discounted 20% to $99 as compared to purchasing a la carte.

    Help and protect with this made to order, uniquely designed mask handsewn in San Francisco from specialist materials using our heritage corsetry skills. And get us to our mask donation target whilst keeping women in employment by using Pay It Forward or Get One, Gift One options!

    Allow at least one week for delivery, because we made this fancy - with 3 layers, 5 sizes, and immense detail. Features include:

    • All Pro-Cool design stretches lightly to provide additional fit flexibility. It’s soft, lightweight, antimicrobial, wicks beautifully, and is very breathable.

    • ProCool performance fabric also for liner & filter pocket.

    • Antimicrobial copper nose-band (note: your mask comes with a nose band in place, and the bundle includes an additional nose band)

    • 5 sizes with extra flexibility thanks to adjustable side 3/4” satin elastic, and velcro at the back

    • Strong seal around nose, cheeks, and chin

    • Little to no glasses fogging

    • Unique shape and synthetic whalebone supports reduce pressure on ears

    • Filtering with minimal impact on breathability

    • Minimal speech muffling

    • Replaceable filter pocket + washable design = longer lifespan = lower cost per wear

    You will be asked to select your size and fabric on the next screen.

    These are not medical grade, nor do they mean you can stop washing your hands and distancing, but they are a unique design so that you can wash, wear, and repeat – in comfort and style.

    Personalized and couture masks are also available. Please contact us if you are a frontline worker or high-risk individual and would like to be added to our list to receive a free or sponsored mask. Sliding scale discount codes for 25% or 50% off this mask are also available upon request.

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